Saturday, May 8, 2010

WTF China?!?: Raped By An Angel 2- The Uniform Fan

After the turmoil of trying to get my reviews out at the end of last month, I wasn't sure how long I would have to wait to be able to review this.  As it turns out, not long.  What's to say about the second film that hasn't been said about the first?  Well, for starters, the movie is not really a sequel.  None of the characters are carried over from the first film.  In defense of the film, it does take a lot of the same ideas- a rapist man in power, a strong woman- and play with them a bit.  Wow, when you talk about films like this, the term 'plays with them' takes on a new meaning, doesn't it?  Before you get all icky, let's just get to the movie...where you will feel even worse.  This is...
The film begins by introducing us to our villain, a man who really likes people in uniform.  More specifically, he likes to rape women in uniforms.  There's 'liking' and then there's 'liking!'  After getting a striptease from, screwing and then leaving his Dental Assistant girlfriend (using the word loosely), he goes out for a walk.  He stumbles across a lady Meter Maid and goes after her.  After knocking her out by lightly tapping her head against a handrail, he rapes her and then kills her.  Incidentally, the shitty subtitle work from Part 1 is back, making this 'the killer explains his motivations' scene even more awkward!  The next day, a crime boss is released from prison and meets up with his lackey.  When they go to his car, they discover the body of the woman from last night and try to hide.  Do you like 'trying to hide a dead body' humor?  You're in freak.  The pair go have lunch at a cafe, but this is where a big drug deal is about to go down.  The police are there and, for some reason, our villain is there as well.  Yes, take a left at Coincidence Avenue and a right at Bullshit Street!  The key things: the police woman (our heroine) meets the criminal and our villain gets a gun.

What follows is a major obsession with a romantic angle over, you know, the plot.  Our crime boss tries to woo the uninterested woman.  It doesn't work too well.  Speaking of pointless, they set-up that the criminal is poor and is spending all of his money in this attempt.  During all of this, we are also introduced to our heroine's horny sister who ends up meeting our villain.  She goes to see him at his dentist's office and he drugs her.  Before he can do anything, his girlfriend comes in and offers herself to him instead, leading to them screwing in front of the drugged and half-naked girl. Eww.  Later on, he helps her out by scaring off some thugs with the gun he stole from the fight and invites her friends over to his apartment.  They talk about going camping and, in a not-at-all suspicious move, he offers to let them stay at his other apartment near the place.  In a fairly blatant Checkov's Gun, the sister shows the cop lady how you can untie a complex not in one tug.  Too subtle, movie!  Out in the woods, the kids are out in the rain and decide to run into the apartment to dry off.  They proceed to start drinking and dancing, while our villain watches from outside.  The sister goes upstairs, but we learn that the man drugged all of the food and drink.  The man goes upstairs and has his way with her.  He sets up a nearby boy as a patsy, but she wakes up.  Because of that, he kills her and sets it up anyways.

In a move similar- but different- to Part 1, they set-up a trial for the framed young man.  To make things different, the boy is killed before any of this can come to fruition.  Our heroine suspects that the dentist is to blame for both murders & the criminal tries to help.  Instead of doing this, he is set-up for sexual assault by the dentist and his nurse.  The dentist's ego comes into play as he tries to woo our heroine now and complete the family set.  He stalks her in the shower, but she notices his wet shoes and figures out what he did.  The criminal and his lackey set-up the man, but get captured by him and tortured Marathon Man-style.  Their only chance of escape involves the nurse untying their ropes with her teeth.  Back to our heroine, she plays into his uniform fetish (don't ask me how she knows about it) by wearing her 'girl-guide' (Brownies) outfit to dinner.  He tries to drug her and attack the grandmother, but the women were on to him.  He gets an advantage by holding his gun on the grandmother and makes the heroine tie herself to a door.  He beats up the old lady...'s stunt double.  He starts to have his way with the woman before she remembers the thing from earlier about untying the knot.  She knees him in the groin, sprays cleaner in his eyes and the grandma finishes him off by slashing his groin.  Just not in time, the police and the criminal show up.  Rather than ending on a serious note, they end on 'a laugh' as the criminal oggles the girl's exposed chest and gets slapped.  Ha ha?
Like the last film, this is not really a good movie.  It has a decent premise- a crazy killer among us meets justice from a common person- but ruins it.  How?  It focuses most of its time on a stupid, romantic angle.  Is this important?  No.  You want to pay more attention to the crazy man hiding amongst decent members of society?  No, this love story that is never resolved is much more important!  The acting is pretty bad across the board, especially when you consider that most of the cast was clearly told 'act like those guys in the first movie.'  I appreciate the semblance of continuity, although this is a bit silly.  If you want to make a sequel, make a sequel.  If you want to make something completely unrelated, but with a similar plot concept: make that.  Don't do that and have the characters act like Funhouse mirror versions of the last film's characters!  If you liked the first movie, you'll probably like this freak.
Next up, Blockbuster Trash returns with a tale of teenagers, revenge and the worst third act twist ever!  As a bonus, it's an unofficial sequel to a successful series.  Stay tuned...

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