Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Game Over

I have a lot more to say about this crappy film, but that is for another day and *possibly* another format.  This is what you need to know:
* A computer has been programmed to control military tech (yes, again).
* It has decided that it wants to challenge a game creator to beat his own games (yes, again).
* While this is going on, we get some intrigue about who we can/cannot trust.

During the game/fight our hero is going through, the evil boss and his two henchmen are holding a female hacker hostage as collateral.  When they realize that this game will spell the end of the world, the older henchmen offers to let his younger comrade go spend his remaining days with his girlfriend/wife.

Of course, the boss just shoots him for 'trying to desert' him.  This is not the real reason that our victim makes this segment.  It's this...

Before he gets shot, the man reveals that he has no girlfriend and that he is a virgin!  Sucks to be a corpse.  Mind you, this revelation adds nothing but pointless pathos to his death.  Joy.

Up next, a man learns a fatal mistake: never be a bit character in a vampire film.  It doesn't end well.  Stay tuned...

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