Saturday, May 1, 2010

Instant Trash: Excessive Force II- Force on Force

Yes, this is a real movie.  I've seen it and it does exist.  With that out of the way, let's talk about the actual film, shall we?  Okay, stop me if you've heard this one before: a woman is wronged by a man and goes out of her for bloody revenge against him.  Yeah, real unique, guys!  Here's  the big secret though: it's not a sequel to Excessive Force!  Mind you, most people without the benefit of F/X during it's heyday of showing crappy movies in the afternoon have not seen it.  It's an action film with a guy who seeks revenge against a crime lord for the death of his friend.  By the way, his friend is Candyman.  On the plus side, his friend would come back from the dead and become a totally-real FBI agent who tells us crappy horror film tales.  Before I make any more obscure review references, let's check out...
The film begins by introducing us to our villains, a hit team that will work for anyone with money.  Their first job is killing people in a cemetery...for some reason.  Saves on the transportation, I guess.  We get our first hint of silliness as one of the men is hiding about three feet in the air with the world's largest crossbow.  Yeah, nobody can see that!  We are also treated to some ridiculous action that sets the tone for the rest of the movie as well. Choppy editing- check.  People doing their best version of the 'zombie dance' when shot- check.  Acting that doesn't improve even when it comes to simply firing a gun- big damn check!  So they succeed at their job, but a homeless man sees them do it.  The balding policeman who is supposed to serve as our comedic relief ignores his 'weird story' about killers.  The policeman goes to the scene later to investigate and gets grabbed by some Asian thugs.  Why?  To set up a fight scene for our heroine, of course.  Does it serve the plot in any way at all?  Not in the slightest.  It's cute of you to ask though.  Thanks to some slow-mo fighting, she saves the day.  By the way, way to wear a tank-top under your suit jacket, honey.  Of course, this whole thing proves pointless as the bum is found dead in the next scene.  In some amazing plot convenience, a henchman drives by and sees our heroine.  Dun dun lame!
Our heroine figures out that there is more to this than a random crime.  How does she know?  Well, she has a history with the man behind the crime, not that we will be told this for quite a while.  We are next introduced to a doctor & the man is greeted by our heroine, who instantly makes out with him and has implied sex via an editing wipe.  Man, life as Justin Timberlake is great!  We get a ridiculous scene setting up our villain character involving him ogling a woman coming out of the pool.  Thanks, that, nothing.  The film also has a whole back-story involving our heroine needing some sort of surgery, but putting it off to get revenge.  That's worse than the guy in The Karate Kid Part III literally canceling business in lieu of revenge.  This comes up via the doctor, who finally presses our heroine for the truth.  As it turns out, she was part of a hit team with the guy in a foreign country.  Of course, all we see is a hotel room- cheap bastards!  After having off-screen sex, he asks her to join a new, elite team with him.  When she says 'No,' he immediately shoots her in the head and leaves.  That's cold...but points for prioritizing, bro.
By the way, this movie has lots of action- shitty action, but action nonetheless.  What else would you expect from a movie with force in the title three times!  Our heroine is sneak attacked by a man who decides to shoot at her with a crossbow, but has a convenient migraine and dodges.  She dresses up like a stripper to get into a strip club and kills one of the men while trying to get information.  She even manages to confront the bad guy...but spends five minutes talking to him and gets interrupted.  It's alright, because he does the same crap later!  It all boils down to a climactic showdown at a police station.  Our heroine turns herself in to appease the doctor, but we learn that balding cop is actually corrupt.  Seconds later, he is killed- that was pointless!  Our heroine is trapped away from her gun while the men break in shooting.  Why are you in disguise then?!?  When some of them break into the room and shoot at her, she decides to dive through a glass window instead of using the door.  After killing the rest of the henchmen, she has a talk-fight/car-chase/shoot-out with her former beau.  She actually lets the man go...but he dies when he tries to shoot her...again.  She gets surgery...which makes her put her hair up under some gauze.  The End.
This movie, as you may have guessed, is not good.  It epitomizes everything about the bad '90s video market & shows what you did not miss if you were born later.  I've been able to live through this crap and you should be happy!  The acting is bad, the action is bad and the shooting is bad.  Yes, the shooting is bad- deal with it!  The plot is full of ridiculous moments too.  Want to hear a few?  How about the time when our heroine fires 'cop-killer' bullets from her Desert Eagle at a firing range?  How about the time that she leads a nerdy man on with sex so she can get to a bad guy?  How about the time she coerces information from the dead guy's girlfriend by threatening to leave her in a room full of homeless rapists?!?  I sure do respect our heroine, don't you?  The whole revenge story is ridiculous and makes you feel like you missed a movie's worth of back-story.  Why?  Was it to make you think that this was a sequel to a film called Excessive Force?  That's low, movie- damn, low!  On the plus side, this movie is prime for riffing and easy to mock.  I'll leave you with something that the filmmakers don't want you to see...
Up next, Forgotten Sequels brings you a two-part look at the bleak future of a forgotten superhero.  Things are going to be  Stay tuned...

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