Monday, August 1, 2011

VHS For The Win: The Boy God

If you have felt that some of my video segments have only highlighted violent and gory films, allow me to switch things up.  This one is just about as weird though...
The tale of a little boy in armor who teams up with the Barbarian Queen, is chased by a monkey and haunted by the ghost of Charles Darwin?  I'm in!

Next up, an old actor's likability by the family audience is torn to a sunder.  How dare you, Mickey?!?  Stay tuned...


  1. Rocco the Wonder Boy? O_O Uh...not exactly a "divine" name if I ever heard one...

  2. Have you seen this movie? It's like someone tried to make Jason and the argonauts in their backyard. It's pretty nuts.

  3. No, I just found the box art to be hilarious.

    In reality, I imagine that it sucks. Does it suck in such a way that I should see it? Let me know.

    As for Rocco the Wonder Boy, my only question is this: "What is the secret of your powers?"

  4. If I still have a copy, I'll post a clip on Youtube and let you know. It's definitely a cheap pile of horseshit, but I enjoyed it.