Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stock Footage Hell: Slumber Party Massacre III

Leave it to Roger Corman to re-use footage from a film that is already about 40% stock footage.  That movie- Deathstalker II.

During the film's climax, the killer has been blinded, so one girl decides to trick him by turning on the TV behind him.  What's playing on the TV?  Why, it's the Jim Wynorski film.  Check out this shot of 'new' Deathstalker appearing to stare at the young women's asses.
I always knew that Deathstalker would save the day!  He's just that awesome.

I also feel like noting that Jim Wynorski (the Director of Deathstalker II) went on to Direct Cheerleader Massacre in 2003.  It was bound to happen soon enough!

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