Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Newer Crap: Dahmer vs. Gacy

After all this time, was it worth it?  Many months ago, I presented the teaser poster to this film in a segment called 'Impossibly-Cool Cover Art.'  The implication being that this film would not live up to its own silly premise and deliver a worthwhile film.  This actually provoked a response that *claimed* to be from the Director himself, who offered me a Screener Copy to review.  Yeah, he never sent me one.  Eventually, this film appeared as available in my Queue...and vanished a week later.  When it appeared again, I was not optimistic.  I waited patiently finally arrived.  Finally, this goofy film was in my hands and, subsequently, in my DVD Player.  The plot involves a genetics company trying to beat Russia and Japan in the Cloning Race, which apparently exists.  For no clear reason, they clone John Wayne Gacy (and put him in his clown attire) and Jeffrey Dahmer (removing the broom from his eye-socket).  Things go haywire because, well, they cloned two serial killers.  The result is an odd, scattershot and madcap film.  Is it worth watching?  Let's find out as we examine the battle of...
A man (Trancers star Art LaFleur) begins a job at a cloning lab.  His boss is a bit strange.  Unfortunately, Art is not here very long.  Fortunately for Art, however, he's not here for very long.
The clone of Gacy and Dahmer escape from the lab to wreak havoc.  They begin a (mostly-off-screen) killing spree.
In one of the film's numerous diversions, they keep cutting to this News Anchor (plus his field reporters).  This serves to pad out the run-time and insert dark bits of humor like the one below.
While most of the murders take place off-camera, we do get one stylish one with Gacy.  It's unique, I guess.  This does beg the question- how do the police not just find him and kill him?!?
As part of the filler, we meet a bunch of serial killer groupies.  I stand by my comment made about this film's trailer- If you can't afford location shooting, why bother?!?
 Check out this 'timely' parody.  Nice, subtle and totally not out-dated.  Seriously, you know that she's been dead for years, right?!?
By the way, this movie has ninjas in it.  Yeah, the Japanese are apparently trying to take the Dahmer and Gacy clones for their own research.  Fortunately, this film's 15th lead is on a mission from God (the voice of Harland Williams) and can stop them.
In addition, the military sends in Project 13 to take them out.  Who is the guy?  They never really say, since I guess they wasted too much time cutting back to the Newscaster!
After the blood is shed and the score is settled, the movie sets up a sequel.  The one problem- it only features one character.  Could you not find a guy who looked like Richard Speck (or could play an actually dead character), Ford Austin?  The End.
No matter who wins, the audience loses!  The plot of this movie is goofy and ridiculous.  The problem is that they know it.  The film is full of stupid jokes, self-parody and humor that has no focus.  At one point, two characters joke about someone making a movie based on the events that take place & actually name-drop the title!  Stop that!  Breaking the Fourth Wall can be funny if you do it right, but in this case they just telegraphed the whole joke, stopped and then explained it.  Aside from that, the movie is just too unfocused.  We've got about six different plots going on, none of which really matter that much.  Aside from Dahmer and Gacy (whose plots only join at the end), we have the Lead Scientist, the two Military brass, Crazy Man and 'God,' the Newscaster, Random Ads and the Interviewers/Eyewitnesses.  That's too freaking much!  If you like really dark, unfocused comedy, you'll like this.  If you have a sense of taste, you really won't like this.  If you're like me, you'll just wonder why you're supposed to care.
Next up, Bloodrayne jumps forward in WWII.  You finally made a film based on the game, Uwe?  Stay tuned...

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