Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: The Tripper

The Tripper is all about killing hippies in violent ways.  One of them stands out to me...

This old man just lives out in the Woods on his own.  He's only even involved because the concert comes to him!
That doesn't stop 'Reagan' from following him to his cave (even after he talks back to our heroes).
"I'll cut your head off like I cut taxes," Faux Reagan says, "Before I decide to raise it 11 more times!"
Now he's dead.  What reason is there for this to happen?  Hello?  Anyone?
As a nice little stinger, 'Not Reagan' takes the guy's dog!  Ouch!

Next up, man's best friend is not safe from pointless, movie death.  Tastes like chicken!  Stay tuned...

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