Friday, August 12, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Lake Placid 3

Another Lake Placid sequel, another Poor Bastard of Cinema.  This time, it's the little dog owned by the Russian babysitter (why is she in Maine BTW?!?).  It gets too close to the water to bark at some crocodiles...
Ewww....nas-tay.  That dog is not going to live.  The worst part though...
The kid's shirt got ruined!  It's bad enough that he's a Ginger, but now he has a shirt soaked in dog blood.  That shit doesn't wash out- I can assure you!
The bottom line: the dog was an idiot, but did not deserve to die.  Damn you, CG animals- the war between you and us continues!

Next up, a dad learns the true danger of rock and roll music.  On the plus side, he was doomed to be killed by the mob eventually.  Stay tuned...

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