Saturday, August 6, 2011

Impossibly-Cool Cover Art: The Incredible Professor Zovek

Mexico gives us another great poster involving strong men and weird science.  This one features a familiar effect, however...
That's one cool Professor- he has the Time Tunnel!  It sure was nice of them to let him borrow it.  What's the deal with those tassels though?

Next up, a film I've already seen and reviewed has an awesome poster.  Now I definitely know that you're lying!  Stay tuned...
El hijo de "El increíble profesor Zovek", también escapista.(plática mágica)(TT: Son of "the incredible professor Zovek", also escapist.)(TA: magic talk)(Entrevista): An article from: Proceso

1 comment:

  1. He looks like a Mexican version of Jimmy the Supafly Snuka. The main difference being that instead of leaping off a top rope he's flying through a hypnotic eye.