Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: REC 2

Are you ready for non-essential SPOILERS?  OREC 2 is a movie with good ideas, but also a lot of bad ones.  The first one involves the idea of making this a 'parallel sequel' like Paranormal Activity 2.  Speaking of which...

The husband who went out for medicine (who was mentioned in the first film) tries to get in.  He eventually sneaks his way in, but a problem comes up.
He runs into our heroes, who have a shoot first and...well, shoot first attitude.
Yeah, he's dead.  His death brings this about...
Uh oh- the film's parallel plots are crossing.  The kids and the firemen get separated from the man before his death.  However, bad luck still follows them... an 'infected' has the fireman up against the wall.  What will the girl do?
If you guessed 'accidentally shoot him in the head,' you'd be right.  Dumb ass.
So, in summary, a man dies for trying to bring medicine to his kid, while a fireman dies for trusting a kid to help him.  Good morality play for sure!

Next up, that dog sure is cute.  Hey- why is that kid looking at him so strange?  Stay tuned...

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