Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Puppet Master Timeline

Does the Puppet Master series have a solid chronology?  Well, let's see...

1902: A sorcerer steals magic from an Egyptian God and gives the secret to Toulon. (Retro Puppet Master)

***Missing History***

1912: Andre Toulon tours Egypt with his Faust show (various Puppet Master films)

***Missing History***

1926: While in Egypt, a dark-haired Toulon is given the secrets of reanimating dolls from a Wizard.  (Puppet Master 2)

1939: Toulon goes to America- the Bodega Bay Inn, specifically- while fleeing the Nazis.  He commits suicide. (Puppet Master)

-A worker takes Toulon's dolls from the Bodega Bay Inn and battles Nazis. (Puppet Master: Axis of Evil)

***Missing History.

1941: Toulon battles Nazis in Germany.  He escapes to America. (Puppet Master 3)

-Toulon's grave at the Bodega Bay Inn is dated as 1941. (Puppet Master 2)

1989: Toulon's dolls end up in an evil psychic's hands at the Bodega Bay Inn.  He's killed by the dolls. (Puppet Master)

1990: The dolls resurrect Toulon and he turns evil.  He is killed (well, again) by the dolls.  (Puppet Master 2)

1993: A young man finds Toulon's dolls back in their chest while watching the Bodega Bay Inn and fights the evil Egyptian God. (Puppet Master 4)

1994: The young man fights the God again, vanquishing him once and for all with the help of Toulon's spirit. (Puppet Master 5)

1998: A scientist buys Toulon's dolls (in the chest again) and does experiments on people.  He's killed by the dolls.  (Curse of the Puppet Master)

2004: A woman seeks out Toulon's secret and kills Rick (from Puppet Master 4).  She confronts a new Puppet Master (no previous film).  He kills her, but is confronted by the dolls. (Puppet Master: The Legacy)

So, does that answer your question?  I thought so.


  1. I'll say "no." And that is my final answer. :)

  2. The new puppet master in "Legacy" is the kid that escapes to America with Toulon at the end of PM3. And I read PM2 comes after 4 & 5 (Tunneler in those, then destroyed in PM2. Toulon good in 4 & 5, then evil in PM2). "Legacy" is the last on the timeline for now. Finally, I read an interview at Full Moon that "Retro" is no longer canon (Doesn't count anymore in the timeline). So no 1902 storyline. BTW, "1939" in PM1 was an admitted error by Full Moon as well. Hope my belated input helps.