Friday, December 3, 2010

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Tale of the Mummy (Part 1)

This obscure 1999 gem will get it's full coverage shortly.  In the meantime, enjoy a 2-Part look at it's contribution to another part of my page.

Our lead heroine is being chased by a mummy.  Naturally, she goes down the hall to hide in a nearby apartment.  She's got company there though...

The mummy follows her, however, and gives a nice 'pimp slap' to the woman.  I guess this kills her.
 The man shoots the creature, but that does no good.  He gets the old 'Steven Seagal' kill done to him.

She runs off, but those people are still dead.

That will teach you the door when people ask for help.  I thought you guys were all assholes in England or something.  Go figure.

Next up, we get Part 2 of this movie's contribution to Poor Bastards of Cinema.  This one is a bit furrier than the previous one.  Stay tuned...

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