Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Superman/Shazam- The Return of Black Adam

It's so rare that cartoons provide me fodder for this segment.  Here's the exception...

The film (actually a short) begins with a couple sitting in their car at 'make-out point.'  They're distracted by a shooting star...that gets bigger.  Faster than you can say 'I don't think Geico will cover this,' their car is blown up by the fiery object.

That object is, of course, Black Adam making his titular return.  He wreaks a lot of havoc, but doesn't actually kill anyone else.

Of course, these people are still dead, despite the fact that our heroes unite to beat the villain.  By the way, nobody ever addresses this scene either.  Nice.

Next up, a holiday horror film of tiny proportions brings us a trio of Poor Bastards.  Stupid teenagers- horniness will get you killed.  Stay tuned...


  1. My vote for "poor bastard" in the DC cartoon lineup would have to go to "SUPERMAN/DOOMSDAY" which only had about 9 or 10 minutes of Doomsday at the beginning and then went off on a totally different (and stupid) "fake Superman" tangent thereafter. WEAK.

  2. I get that mindset, but I still liked the movie.

    Their Luthor was great, I liked the dark Superman and I love the scene where he has to deal with his 'implant.' Eww.

    You could argue that there are a few Poor Bastards of Cinema in that movie too really. I mean, those miners...