Friday, December 31, 2010

Mondo Anniversaries: 20th and 10th Anniversaries

It's the final countdown of 2010- get in line!

20th Anniversaries
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Okay, I feel old, but good about this one.  I loved the show and loved the movie.  I still kind of like this one a bit.
Bride of Re-Animator: Combs and company up the ante with this freaky sequel.  A decapitated head with re-animated bat wings sewn onto it is just a sample of what this movie offers.
Captain America: This movie is famous for teaching me how to truly be disappointed.  Thanks for ruining everything, you stupid movie!
Edward Scissorhands: While I didn't love this movie at the time, I do now.  Okay, I really just like Vincent Price here- sue me!
Gremlins 2- The New Batch: Speaking of sequels, this one ups the goofiness!  An electric gremlin, a spider gremlin and Hulk Hogan breaking the Fourth Wall are just samples.
The Guyver: I'm in the minority here, but I like this film.  It's full of rubber suits and kung-fu.  That works for me!
Frankenstein Unbound: This obscure little video gem is notable for one fact- it's the last film directed by Roger Corman.  Unfortunately, this time-travel film with Raul Julia as Dr. Frankenstein isn't notable for much more.

10th Anniversaries
X-Men: All of you people who hated Jonah Hex have this movie to blame!  The film made the comic book license a golden ticket, even if people debate the merit of it's sequels.
American Psycho: If you want to see what film made Bale into the star he is today, look not further.  This violent and absurd film shocked viewers, but solidified it's star in pop culture.
Battle Royale: While I think that the film is overrated, so many others don't.  For making people in their early-teens kill each other with a crossbow, the film is at least notable!
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: This is the film that made America rediscover Chinese cinema.  This poetic action film set the bar too high for people other than Jet Li though.
Highlander- Endgame: The deluge of disappointing Highlander sequels ended here for a while.  For trying to mix the film and TV series, they get points for moxie, but lose a million points for actual quality.
Scary Movie: This film set us up a series of dreadful comedies like Date Movie and Meet the Spartans.  As a bonus, it's a parody of a film that pretended to be a satire already!
Ready to Rumble: As a burgeoning fan of wrestling, this movie hurt!  WCW proved that the end was near with this badly-written film that insulted their own fans while also boring them.  Touche!

That's it for this year.  See you in the magical world of 2011!

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