Friday, August 20, 2010

Immediate Response: Piranha 3-D

I just shelled out $13 to see Piranha 3-D in a theater slightly-full of people.  Was it worth it?

The Bad
* The acting is...well, mostly terrible.
* Jerry O'Connell can be very annoying (even more so than he's supposed to be)
* At times, the 3-D is pretty obvious and silly.
* The copious nudity is going to keep it from getting a mainstream market.
* Eli Roth shows up in the movie.  Although, to be fair...
The Good
* Eli Roth gets killed in a violent manner.  I can't see enough of that.
* The whole thing feels like a camp classic.  For the most part, all the notes it hits are strong.
* Jerry O'Connell does play his part to perfection.
* The 3-D is a big selling point here, as it is used in a very campy and fun way.

As a whole, the movie is certainly going to make it's original creators- Joe Dante and Roger Corman- very proud.  It is full of bloody death, lots of nudity & a story that's a combination of Jaws 2 and 3.  If you don't like nudity or death, you have no reason to see this movie.  I think that's kind of obvious though.  If you want to see porn stars (they have to be) torn in half or see the most blatant combination of 3-D and nudity, this is for you.

It's everything we hoped it would be.  We have nobody to blame but ourselves for how well it does commercially now. 


  1. This is the first review Ive read on the film, and it may have been enough to sway me in to theaters. Still skeptical, but we will see my friend.. we will see..

    "Aww, you killed my armadillo!"

    C'mon, classic Roth line! You have to admit, his acting is better than his directing.

  2. The best thing that Roth has ever been involved in was 'Inglorious Basterds.' His acting didn't make or break the film. Of course, having such great performances surrounding him helped.

    My immediate hatred for Roth and my general apathy towards O'Connell aside, it is a fun, pulpy movie. The effects are actually quite good and the 3-D usually serves a good purpose.

    My two complaints would really be that it's going to not be able to get the mainstream market (by choice, it seems) and it's really going to suffer when it's not in 3-D or in theaters. It's one of the problems that 'Jaws 3-D' had.

    Now, that said, 'My Bloody Valentine 3-D' was still pretty good on DVD and in 2-D, so I could be wrong.

    But yeah, most people that read about and watch the stuff that I do will probably love it.