Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A General Note or Two

* My schedule has kind of turned to crap recently.  This is almost entirely due to my job getting a lot more hectic with the back-to-school season.  Sadly, this site doesn't pay me enough to not work an actual job...yet.

* Man's Best Friend and Devil Dog: The Hound from Hell will be up today.  In addition, Lost in Translation will be too.

* To simplify things, I'm cancelling the review of Frightmare- at least for now.  It's really not that interesting.  I may come back to it though.

* In addition, a technical issue is keeping me from getting my usual screenshots.  This is going to affect at least the first week or so of September's reviews.  Speaking of which...

* As you may have seen, September is going to be almost entirely random.  For those that prefer the eclectic selections to my dissections of entire series' like Trancers or Subspecies, you're in luck.  This is due to October being a very regimented month.  It's still going to be all about the weird and bizarre, just with the set themes.

* For all of you that didn't notice my schedule delays of the last week, just ignore this.  :-)

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