Monday, March 16, 2015

Project Terrible: Succubus- Hell-bent

Will Michele give me the first truly Terrible Film this Round?
It is not quite hellish, but it is dumb.  It is really dumb.  This is not 'We barely have a Plot and make faces' dumb, but its Plot is just silly.  The Film is Succubus: Hell-Bent, a 2007 Horror Film with not much of a Budget or a point.  Do you like douchebags?  Do you like vaguely-scary ladies?  Do you like random Cameos from D-List Celebrities?  If you answered 'yes' to all 3 of those, you are the target audience for this Film.  If you picked one (at most), you are most other people.  The Plot involves, well, a Succubus that targets 2 terrible people for, well, being terrible people.  They are not so bad that they deserve to die, mind you- just bad enough for you to want to hit them.  When they hit it and quit it with the wrong lady, they will have Hell(spawn) to pay.  Is it good?  Not at all.  Is it bad?  Pretty bad, yeah.  Is it Terrible though?  That is the age-old question, right?  To find out the answer, read on...
Two rich jerks go to Mexico on Spring Break.  One of them makes a play at Lilith and she goes along.  What could go wrong?
Nothing, of course.  Why do you ask?
Oh right- she's a psychopath that follows them home and ruins their personal life.  To be fair, revealing a one-night stand to his girlfriend makes them BOTH look bad, not just her.

She also attacks her, furthering messing things up.
You know what all Horror Films need?  Lots of footage of people flying Jets, of course!

No joke- this Film builds a whole Scene (several minutes long) around one of the guys doing a test-flight and Lilith taking over a plane she was riding in with her magic to make him nearly die in a crash.  I haven't seen such a strange use of magic since that Witch controlled construction vehicles.
After the death of the secondary lead, the main one (Adam) looks up what he thinks the killer chick might be.  Thanks,!
After cameos by Lorenzo Lamas (after the Flight bit) and Gary Busey (as a guy who sells our hero some gear), Lilith shows up at his home to finish the job.
After a long, back-and-forth bit, our hero manages to slay the Succubus, but is being arrested by Kelly Hu, since the creature reverted to normal.  Moments later, it just revives again.  Sequel Bait!
This is all just kind of cheap and silly.  While it is not nearly as bad, it reminded me alot of Witch's Sabbath.  That is NOT good company to keep.  This one is less cheap-looking (but not by much), less stupid (again- not by much) and equally-pointless.  The Succubus has interesting moments, but mostly just comes off as an Actress trying to act scary.  When she's not transformed, she, at most, pulls off slightly-menacing.  The Film oddly cuts corners at some part (implying Effects), but also spent a bunch of money on renting some Jets to film in.  Prioritize!  This is seriously the first time I've thought about The Skydivers during a Horror Film.  It is just so weird and random!  The big problem is that none of these guys are that likable or interesting.  The random Celebrity bits (also featuring David Keith as the Dad) don't add much, but I'm sure helped them raise the money to finish shooting.  Good for you?  Ultimately, this is just another dumb, Direct-to-Video Film that doesn't amount to much.  Nice Japanese DVD Cover though...
Next up, I take a short break before finishing my Project Terrible Films.  In honor of St. Patrick's Day, let's catch a curse.  Stay tuned...

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