Monday, March 2, 2015

Lost in Translation: Godzilla vs. Gigan

Let's be clear- this was one of the worst Godzilla Films of its time.  It is not much better now.

So, bearing that in mind, the folks over in Germany did some creative re-titling for the whole thing...
I'm sorry, but could you run that by me again?!?

I'm not expert in German (although I know one), but I do know this: there is no Frankenstein (or Adam) in this one!

Mind you, there is a Toho Film about is this trying to pass itself off as related to it?  If so, ouch.


  1. In German-speaking countries, nearly all of the old Godzilla films had a "Frankenstein" in its titles. The reason is simple: back then, Frankenstein films were so fucking popular, German distributors gave a shit about logic and... well, gave them all Frankenstein-related titles...

    Call me when you wanna know more about this bizarre topic =) Always here to help.