Tuesday, March 31, 2015

(International) Streaming Standard: Danger 5- Series 2

***UPDATE: Available on Streaming in North America via Netflix (and Others?).  Please just ignore the first paragraph.***

Sorry, America- you don't officially have this yet.  Through a source I won't reveal, I have gotten to see the second Season/Series of Danger 5.  Awesome!  If you don't recall what the show is, go here.

For the rest of you, here is a mostly-SPOILER FREE take on the Series that just recently ended in Australia.  Before it shows up officially, enjoy this look at it...
The show jumps from the 1940s to the 1980s with no explanation.  It just does, okay!

The show begins with the return of Hitler and an attack on a Supporting Character.
This brings the whole Crew together after a long absence, although their time apart has affected them all differently.  Oh and Pierre is Black now.

He just is.  You got a problem with that?
Instead of SPOILING anything major about the next 6 Episodes, here is a random series of Shots from them with no real Context.

What?  Did you expect anything different?
Holy shit- this is just crazy!  This Show is just ridiculous and I love it.  Little things like explaining how time has passed properly is something they don't have time for.  They did start with Phone Guns, an Eagle-headed Colonel and Nazi Dinosaurs though.  What do you expect?  In contrast to Series 1, every Episode does link up and move through one Story.  There was always an overall Story to the original run- 'For God's Sakes, kill Hitler!'  In this one though, it is a more coherent narrative and things set up in Episode 1 pay off through Episode 7.  The Story continues to get stranger and stranger as it builds to.  All the stuff we love about the Show is still there- the silly Plots, silly Characters and faux Low-Budget Style.  In fact, they seem to one-up it throughout the Show.  The bottom line is that fans of the original Series are going to love it.  If you weren't a fan, even the sheer joy and absurdity may not be able to win you over.  The lesson I take from Danger 5- if something is worth doing, it is worth doing way over the top!
Great Show!  If it ends here, I can live with that.  I'd love to see what else they could do to up the ante though!

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