Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Holiday Moon: Unlucky Charms

This is what I get for changing my mind.  I had plans to watch a different Film for this Holiday.  That Film- The Eternal.  It is a 1998 Film about an Irish Curse which sounded kind of interesting.  If nothing else, it has Christopher Walken.  Unfortunately, I remembered a Film from a couple of years ago that never really got much of a release.  That Film- Unlucky Charms.  Go ahead- punch your monitor/phone.  You know you want to.  All done?  This is from Full Moon, so you shouldn't be surprised.  This Film is bad.  It is really bad.  On the plus side, it is barely an Hour (being generous) long.  This is about an evil Leprechaun...or is it?  The Film has one unique idea...so I hope you like it.  Basically, one normal Human is the bad guy and the Monsters (yes, there are more than one) are not bad.  That's it.  Other than that, enjoy bad Writing, cliche Acting and pretty much no Budget.  To find out why this is worse than stale copyrighted Cereal, read on...
After a strange Intro (see the Stinger), we get the Plot.  It involves 5 ladies trying out for a Top Model-type Show in a Mansion (of sorts).
Four monsters- including the Leprechaun (in red!), a Cyclops and a Witch- are drawn to the house by the presence of their respective Charms (which control them) being gathered by someone there.
It turns out to be one of the hosts, who is using magic for evil!
This is our Leprechaun.  It...it can't be for real, right?
Basically, the ladies on the Show (save one) all act terrible towards each other and some are killed.
In the End, the only good person lives and gets the charms.  Hurray for that.  The End.
Damn- this isn't good...at all.  It is real bad.  It is...kind of awful.  Let me get the obvious Full Moon issues out of the way.  The Characters are cliche and mostly-unlikable.  You get one token person to like and that's about it.  The Budget is super tiny here, with the only real work going into the masks for the more grotesque monsters.  They are still just your basic masks though, so nothing special.  The CG you get is your basic particle effects and glowing light.  There is some really bad Green Screen going on at points though (see below).  The one real location is less impressive than a normal Mansion, but more impressive than the Summer Rental that David DeCoteau uses for all of his 1313 Films.  The real Mansion may be nice, but they do little to make it look good.  All done with that now?  Good.  The Story has only real hook and not much of interest is done with it.  Kudos for trying...I guess.  With no real interesting Characters, not much interesting as far as presentation and a generally-cheap appearance, what is there to recommend?  On the plus side, this isn't about tiny Puppets.  That doesn't make this that much better- just different from 90% of their Library (roughly).  It is just not good enough to recommend normally, weird enough to recommend as a curiosity piece or funny enough to recommend as a 'bad movie' to watch.  It is that really bad kind of bad that makes you go 'Yeah- this sucks.'  Speaking of which...
Up next, I complete Project Terrible (my part- that is).  Will Maynard finally give a Terrible Film this Round?  Stay tuned...

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