Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Poor Bastards of Cinema: The Killer Shrews

I was going to do this one later...but I'm already in the mood, so screw it.

In The Killer Shrews, these two guys are delivering supplies to a small, mostly-empty Island.
Said Island is full of terrifying (and slightly silly) creatures.  So, guess what happens.
Yeah, since Not The Lead was left by the Boat, he is chased by the creatures and killed.  Thanks for coming.
In summary, the only Black Character is the first to die.  Who says that cliches aren't true at times?

The lesson: don't be the Comic Relief in a Creature Feature...especially if it is before the Civil Rights Act was passed (the good one, that is).  Although, it could obviously be worse...
Next time, a man learns that seeking anonymous sex is dangerous.  I know- who would have guessed?!?  Stay tuned...

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