Saturday, March 21, 2015

Twin Piqued: The One-Armed Man

Since it is Saturday, it is time once again to check in on...
In this Episode, alot of little things happen.  In addition, I've worked out a more concise way to analyze the Show.  Let's see how it works...
Important Stuff
- Analyzing dreams and evidence leads to a 'person of interest' with only one appendage.
- Meanwhile, evidence points to One-Eyed Jacks Casino.  We also see that the Hotel Proprietor is involved with them, as well as with planning some Arson with a bad man.

- Two of the Town's young ladies decide to investigate Laura's death on their own, but both sides have something to hide from each other.

- One young lady is using her own Father to get her own ends.

-Devious men in town (young and old) make their own separate plans as well.
The major one is people doing their own investigating.  We see them check for clues, gather evidence, plan out schemes and, in one big instance, plant evidence to be found.
The other one is the danger of having too many men in your life.  One lady is torn between love and unhappy marriage, while another is just dying for revenge.  A third has got two helpful ones...but the machinations of another woman with two men in her life are playing against her.  Another one is now on the loose again to do who knows what to her.
Wacky Moment
Cooper- meet this Llama.  Cooper, Llama.  Llama, Cooper.
Another fun one full of nice, little moments.  You have to make peace with the fact that the real big moments won't happen every Episode.  After all, they wouldn't be as big if they happened all the time.  This template shows up all the time, be it this Show, The X-Files or Lost.  With that said, this one was still quite fun.  You got to see Policemen analyzing a woman's dream, Cooper once again standing up for Truman, people making all sorts of plans on their own and plenty of back-stabbing.  Friend against friend and family against family.  This one sets up all sorts of neat things going forward, such as the release of a man from Prison, the future schemes against the Mill and the deeper investigation into One-Eyed Jacks.  There are still many, many unanswered questions here and I have no problem with that.  There is a little more Comedy in here than usual- be it Cooper calling himself 'a strong projector' or the Deputy's confidence issues- and that's fine.  With so much dark stuff going on, it is nice to have something different.  The Tone is strange here, but just right.  Oh and this one has Lynch's first Voice Cameo- naturally, he's playing Cooper's unseen Boss.  To get an idea of how big a phenomenon this was, let's see how much it affected the lives of Fictional Characters, like one guy on Parks & Recreation...
Next week, we get more dream action and more crazy people.  In other words, this should be good!  See you then.

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