Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Screener Flix: Infernal (2015)

Another day, another October Coast Film.  My track record with them is only so-so, but not every Film is a winner.  Today's Film is Infernal, a 2015 Horror Film from said Company coming soon to DVD and VOD.  I like to see this kind of thing early, even if it isn't my kind of thing.  Let's get this out of the way first: this is a Found Footage Horror Film.  Yea.  Like I've said before, I don't inherently hate these things.  If anything, I like them more...before I see them.  My bar for them is so low after so many Paranormal Activity Films and stuff like The Devil's Due.  I keep watching them hoping for another one like Trollhunter, which just nails the formula right.  I should note that one my colleagues- who shall remain, anonymous- was not looking forward to this one, so I'm also doing him a favor by checking this out.  The Film is about a family raising a Daughter with developmental problems...or is it something evil?  The Story takes some odd, dramatic turns throughout...but I won't cover them too much.  The key thing is whether or not this is something to check out.  To find out, read on...
In a very random opening, a young couple decides to get married...after the girlfriend awkwardly announces her pregnancy.  Off to a great start, guys.  When she says 'yes' and they hug, the Soundtrack (which was just a generic Pop Rock Song before) freaks the hell out!

If Hans Zimmer's soundtrack was backed by a death metal band, you'd get an idea of how insistent the Soundtrack is.  Their cross slowly (and awkwardly) turns upside down and one of the THREE Cameras filming them moving in falls over to reveal something freaky in a mirror.
The baby is born and, after the last time you ever see these people really happy, we jump ahead 8 years!  Apparently NOTHING happened at all of note for nearly a Decade and these two don't age.

While seeking help for the child's diagnosed issues (most likely Autism, according to the Doctors), all sorts of weird little things start to happen.  Dogs start congregating at night, weird noises can be heard in the daughter's room (apparently the Attic!) and even the camera itself seems to move on its own.
As things get worse (for the couple and their souls, possibly), you must ask- how will this end?  I won't tell.  Go see it for yourself like these fine people...
It is kind of in the middle for me.  On one hand, there is not a single, major Found Footage Trope they don't cover.  That could be a good thing- if you are into that kind of stuff.  If you are, great.  If you aren't, this will be everything you expect it to be and not much more.  On the other hand, the stuff they do different is...interesting.  Basically, the couple bicker...alot.  The one thing they really agree on is that they love to fight with each other.  Mind you, it is represented as compiled stress from raising the kid and dealing with all of the problems related to it.  Fine.  As a Film, though, we see them happy and then constantly bickering.  By jumping ahead so far, we miss the transition and they really feel like different people.  The Husband especially goes through many mood swings and alternates between nice guy and total asshole.  It is kind of like if you alternately click Paragon and Renegade in a Mass Effect Game...only it was every few minutes.  Some of that can possibly be explained by the Plot, but not nearly enough.  The result of it is that you start to lose a bit of empathy for these people, which is key for a Story like this.  You must like the people, so when things start to go bad, you really feel concerned.  Here, well, I'm not sure I cared about some of these jerks.  If that was the goal, then mission accomplished.  I wanted to like this one, but it was too jarring for me.  If you ever wanted to see Paranormal Activity mixed with Ordinary People, then you are in luck.  It is worth noting that this Film even uses the 'Guy Watches the Footage' Trope also goes nowhere..
Next up, I finally stop putting off two Films given to me on Christmas.  They both are supposed to be...interesting, so let me see how they

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