Sunday, March 15, 2015

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Mercenaries (2014)

This one was almost too easy.

In Mercenaries, Brigitte Nielsen's villain kidnaps the (unseen) President's Daughter.  She tries to escape though...
Unfortunately, she picked the non-threatening rubber knife.

For the record- that is NOT a Plot Point.  That would actually have been clever, so it wasn't.
When the young lady won't kill for her freedom, Nielsen takes charge and says that she must pay.
Of course, since she's the hostage, she makes her lead henchman grab a random captive from a Cell...
...and cuts her throat, obviously killing her.  Ouch.
So, in summary, a random person- already being held captive in a prison- is killed mostly-at-random by the villainess to punish someone else.

It might be one thing if this lady tried to help the First Daughter escape or they said 'She tried to escape this morning and see what we do.'

That would still be bad- obviously- but it would be far less random than 'Just kill whoever is in the nearest Cell.'

The Lesson: Avoid fictitious European Countries and Brigitte Nielsen- just in general.

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