Saturday, March 14, 2015

Twin Piqued: Rest in Pain

Since it is Saturday, let us now return to Crazy Town aka...
The Theme here (as I see it) is all about things being different, while also remaining the same...
Miguel Ferrer's CSI Doctor is still an asshole, but does give them clues.  This also leads to Cooper espousing the values of the Town in its defense...which I'm sure will get more ironic as this goes on.
They finally get around to burying Laura Palmer, which is a good way to draw out the crazies.
Early on, Sheriff Truman acts like his old self, but we later learn about him and Josie (Joan Chen) and his alliance with the Deputy and Big Ed as a sort of Cabal trying to maintain order.
The Funeral's two big moments are both freak-outs- just in different ways.

In a sad one, we see Mr. Palmer not taking the whole burial thing well.
...while someone else decides to take the opportunity to lash out at the Town.

This is a great comparison/contrast to earlier.  Cooper, an outsider, loves the Town's appeal, while Briggs, a resident, hates the people for not helping Laura.  Good stuff.
We still don't know who the killer is, but we now have the clues from Cooper's dream, evidence from Laura's body (rope, claw marks and a piece of plastic that she swallowed) whatever this guy and his brother did.  All for now.
Admittedly, it is hard to match the insanity of the previous Episode.  Without the Man From Another Place and Laura's double, this one has to do something different.  In this case, they continue to build up the little things to lead to the big ones.  We get intrigue with Piper Laurie's scheming Mill Co-Owner, the Bookhouse Boys making themselves known, key evidence appearing clearly and that darn Funeral.  We also get back-story on Russ Tamblyn's previously-vague relationship with Laura Palmer, which is nice.  Oh and the random craziness for the Episode involves Audrey spying on Tamblyn putting an Indian Headdress on someone.  That sure was random!  Oh and bonus points for her using a Secret Passage in the Hotel and a peep hole to do so.  As others have mentioned, the death of Laura Palmer is really just a means to an end.  That end is seeing the whole Cast interact in interesting and crazy ways.  The many dynamics- be it sexual tension, suspicion, paranoia- are fun to watch and keep things interesting.  The previous Episode was all about giving us a crazy hook to stay on board.  This Episode was all about giving your more and more to work with now that you are hooked.  Good stuff.  After seeing Wise's great bit at the Funeral, I kept thinking about a similar bit on, of all things, The Cleveland Show.  Coincidence or Homage- you decide!
Next week, we get closer to the one-armed man and the truth.  Well, maybe not the last part just yet.  See you then...

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