Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Flix: Zombeavers

At this point, why not?  We've had Sharknados.  We're have Robocrocs.  Why not Beavers that eat people?  Actually, there are a great many reasons why not, but anyone who decides to make Zombeavers doesn't listen to much reason.  Yes, Zombeavers- just take that in.  It is goofy.  It is ridiculous. something that I can't really hate.  All common sense says to not take something like this seriously, so they don't.  They treat it like a real Film and all, but they don't pretend like this all makes sense.  It is not quite the perfect balance of stuff like Black Sheep, but it also delivers better than most 'Funny Title, Boring Film' material you see on Syfy.  So what is this Film about?  Well, some silly science (sort of) happens and we get killer, undead Beavers.  Need I say more?  Could I say more?  I didn't think so.  Moving on...
After a pair of idiot Truckers hit a Deer, a canister of vague, bio-waste falls out and infects some Beavers.  Is this 'The Ooze?'
A trio of College Babes decide to spend the Weekend at an adjacent Cabin, bringing backstory.
The infected Beavers are nearby and biding their time, giving us the classic P.O.V. shots.
The boyfriends all show up to fill out the Douchebag quota for Horror Movie Tropes.  Good, good.
Before the big payoff moments, we get one more bit of P.O.V.  Can I ask how this is lit by Beavers?
The creatures finally attack inside the Cabin, proving that they are rabid and very, very persistent.
The big attack comes the next day in the Lake and we get The Raft from Creepshow 2 in a Cameo.
As a bonus, they also get to rip-off/pay homage to Jaws in this bit.  It's all in good fun though.
I won't SPOIL how crazy this gets in the last forty-minutes or so.  I continue to be a tease.  The End.
This isn't all that great, but it is better than I thought it would be.  Horror Comedies, as I've mentioned 1,003 times, are a tricky thing.  Sometimes you do really well like in Black Sheep or Trollhunter.  Other times, you get less successful with stuff like Severance or The Cottage.  If you want a great example of how easy the gap is to step over in terms of quality, just compare Piranha (2010) to Piranha 3-DD.  The difference is practically immeasurable- night and day.  As far as this Film goes, they mostly nail the Comedic part and do a decent job with the Horror part.  The Effects are not all that great, but do work with the tone of the Film.  If these same effects were in a serious Film, they would seem worse.  Make sense?  In this Film, they look appropriately cheesy in both CG and Practical form.  I always like the Practical stuff (the other Horror thing I always talk about) and it is nice to see here.  The Acting is alright, although most Characters veer into the area of 'comedic Acting.'  I know that they wanted me to hate them, but, at times, I wanted to actually punch them in real life.  It is a fine line and I know that some of you will be less bothered by it.  The way the Story ebbs and flows once the Horror really starts is nice.  Without SPOILing things, it gets appropriately-crazy and ridiculous.  I have to just keep comparing this to Black Sheep or The Killer Shrews (which I just recently watched).  As a whole, it turned out to be better than I expected.  Bear in mind that it is Zombeavers and what my expectations would be, of course.  Like most Films of its ilk, it does have 2 things going for it...
Next up, I continue Project Terrible with Bob's choice for me.  My Casper Van Dien Film is less Disney and more Syfy.  Stay tuned...

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