Thursday, March 5, 2015

2,700th Post Celebration: The Freakazoid/Phibes Connection

Instead of doing a Review for this #ed Post, let's do something different.  Who's gonna stop me?  You?
While rewatching one of my Favorite Shows- Freakazoid- I discovered an Episode which featured some very familiar imagery.

The Episode in Question is from Season 2 and called 'Hero Boy.'  It features the return of Gutierrez (Ricardo Montalban).  See if his introduction seems familiar...
In case you thought it might be coincidental, here is what he does after rising to prepare for meeting our hero...
In the Climax, the always-covered Gutierrez pulls off his cowl to reveal his malformed face (as a result of his last appearance).
Admittedly, that last one is more 'in the spirit' of the Film, but it works in context to everything else so far.

How cool is it to find out that two things you love are synched up?!?  Even better, this is something I just recently noticed.

When Freakazoid was on originally, I had never seen the Phibes Films.  Obviously, someone who worked on the Show did.  Cool!

I've loved Freakazoid since I was a kid.  Now, as an adult, I have even more reasons!  Awesome.

Back to Reviewing stuff now...

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