Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Suddenly (1954)

This is kind of a borderline choice, but I stand by it.  While there is much Plot built around it, this Death is a circumstance of purely bad luck.

In Suddenly, Sinatra and his gang hide out in house to shoot the President (then Eisenhower).  Earlier in the day, the family from said house called an Electrician to fix their TV.

Well, he's here now!
They insist that he still fix the TV while he's there, if for no other reason than to keep him busy.
As you'll recall from the Review, he's told by Grandpa to wire the TV's battery to the table, which kills the lone remaining henchman.  Sinatra figures things out.
Before he can run too far, he is shot by the villain!
He dies.
On the plus side, Grandpa (who doesn't die in this one) does ask about him and they confirm his death.  He's still dead...but at least they did give it a mention later.

So, while he died helping save the day, he only had to since the people called him to do, you know, his job.  He was not showing up to be a Hero, after all- just an Electrician.

He does have a name too...but even the random Cop shot by a Henchman does, so that doesn't mean much.

Next up, a much-less-controversial one to induct.  Since it is from an Asylum Film, you know that it will be good!  See you then...

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