Monday, March 30, 2015

Quick Reviews: The Monster Maker

Another Old School Film that doesn't suck.  This is The Monster Maker, a 1946 Film featuring some curious science, a dubious Costume and...otherwise decent stuff.  Let's see more, shall we?
The man on the left is obsessed with the girl in the middle.  Her dad tells him to back off.  What could go wrong?
When they have a confrontation, the Doctor knocks him out and injects him with Acromegaly.  No, really.
The dad- who's a Concert Pianist- starts to experience some freaky side-effects, including mutation!
Being an asshole, the Doctor agrees to work on him at his long as the Daughter visits.  Oh and he has the cure.  I told you he was an asshole!
Eventually, he takes it a step too far and the deformed Pianist kills him...after the Police arrive.
Don't worry- he won't go to Jail AND the Assistant (who isn't an asshole) has the cure.  The End.
A bit dry at times, but still fun.  This is all about the conflict between the people and designed to highlight the evil Doctor.  To that end, it works.  He is good at playing crazy here.  You believe that he is up to no good.  Nice work, probably dead by now guy.  The best part about the Film is the freaky make-up used on the Dad when he's supposed to be suffering from Gigantism.  Mind you, the Film Quality isn't great (despite this copy being allegedly Digitally-Remastered), but it still looks quite good.  It is some nice, ugly stuff.  In contrast, the Ape Suit they use is...goofy.  I've seen this same suit in half a dozen Films by now, mostly on stuff shown by Svengoolie.  That thing got used more than the original Godzilla suits!  Wow.  As a whole, this is very dated...but that's kind of the fun.  Again- the make-up is great, so that's something.  Roar.
A little dry and melodramatic, but still good fun for fans of Old School Horror.

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