Saturday, March 28, 2015

Twin Piqued: Cooper's Dreams

As Saturday has dawned, so too has another day in...
In this Episode, Cooper gets close to the truth, key evidence may have been found and people continue to scheme...
Important Stuff
- Cooper and company find Log Lady, who provides key details of the night of the murder.  They also find the possible murder site at a nearby Cabin.
- Leo finally gets his, getting beat up and shot in one night.  What's his status though?
- More dark secrets about Laura come out.
- The Student Investigative Duo recruit Madeleine, who finds a tape and tells them to meet her...
Investigating plays a big part here, starting with a Penthouse knock-off and ending with a Cabin where the murder may have occurred.  On the flip-side, Leo has people working against him, leading to a rough night.
Speaking of which, People working for their own goals happens alot here.  One person blackmails their way into a job they want (see below), while two others point the investigation at Leo.  The Hotel Owner is doing all sorts of stuff, whether it is entertaining a new contingent from Iceland, scheming to burn down the Mill or...scheming with Jocelyn to save it?  He's playing all sides!
Wacky Stuff
While not as overtly wacky, their is an awkwardly-wacky bit where Leland starts 'sad dancing,' so they have someone dance with him to cover up the sadness.  Weird stuff.
This was an odd one, but also a good one.  The Investigation parts were really interesting.  I love how it begins with 'Dear Penthouse'-style letters and somehow ends up at the important site they need to get to.  Who doesn't love Log Lady too, right?  She's...a very Lynch Character.  I liked seeing the continued efforts of the young people in town to solve Laura's murder as well.  It makes it all feel very multi-faceted, since we aren't either just following Cooper work the case OR seeing the townspeople.  Obviously Laura's very public death has affected everyone in Town too, so that makes sense.  These people should really learn WHERE to discuss the case though.  If there's someone behind you, maybe don't discuss it!  This is another great example of how the Show can keep momentum between the major revelations.  The whole thing keeps going and keeps you guessing.  I don't know how this will end, but I am still doing better than this Investigator...
Next week, we inch towards the Season 1 Finale.  Will we finally learn the truth?  See you then...

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