Sunday, March 8, 2015

Impossibly-Cool Cover Art: Pod People

I have more of these, so why not share them?

Besides the horribly-misleading The Return of E.T. title used in Germany, there are many others.  One with the most common variations is Extra Terrestrial Visitors.

It is far less misleading, but the Cover is still designed to fool...
Does anything about this tell you that it is about an adorable, furry Alien killing a Pop Group in the Forest?  No.

On the plus side, taking away the acronym makes you think less that it is related to E.T.

Is there a way to split the difference?  Maybe one that is more honest about the Creature and Story, but still misleading in the Title to suggest an E.T. connection?
Perfect!  Thanks, Black Box!

***Note to self: invent Redbox for Porn and call it Blackbox.***

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