Saturday, April 10, 2010

VHS For The Win: Alice Sweet Alice

This film is sort of a cult classic due to its storyline, the later success of its star and just the general subject matter.  A film like this deserves something special...
That's not quite it- but let's just go with it, I guess.  On one hand, this is very unique looking.  On the other hand, it does get so many details wrong (i.e. the mask) or just confusing.

That said, if I was walking around in a video store when this was new, I would have rented it just out of sheer curiosity.  Was that the point?

Next up, a blatant rip-off of A Nightmare on Elm Street comes to us in all of its non-glory.  If a film is never heard of again, does that mean it's good?  Stay tuned...


  1. Holy crap, that is awesomely horrible. The fact that fat man made it on the cover made my day lol.. What a waste, think of how many people didnt see ALICE in its video run because of that shite

  2. There were a quite a few different companies that sold Alice Sweet Alice on vhs tape since it was in the public domain at the time. There were some home video companies that actually used the movie poster artwork instead of what looks like the cover of paper novel.