Wednesday, April 21, 2010

666: The Number of the Beast's Movies

I've officially reached the unholy number of updates/reviews, so this is only a fitting one.  Let's take a look at some of the films that have attached 666 to their titles...

The Omen 666: While not the official release title, this alternate title for the remake was official enough to merit attention.  As a bonus, the film was released on June 6, 2006...or 06/06/06.  Ha ha, you're so clever, movie studio.

666: The Child: This Asylum film was designed to be confused with the above title.  It's the exact same film, just with lower-tier acting, special effects and overall quality.  This was followed by...

666: The Beast: Yeah, apparently The Asylum thought that a sequel was merited.  Of course, let's make this confusing by making it the fake Omen 2, when it's plot is much more like that of The Omen III: The Final Conflict.  Speaking of sequels...

Children of the Corn 6660- Isaac's Return: This 1999 film was the 6th film in the series, so why not throw in the Devil's number?  As the title notes, this was the return of John Franklin in the role of Isaac.  Fun fact: he also worked on the screenplay.  Sure, why not?

Witchcraft 666: The Devil's Mistress: This Troma film is not really the 665th sequel to Witchcraft.  You probably guessed that though.

Studio 666: A crappy-sounding horror film about a rejected band member using Satanic power for revenge?  Yawn.

666 The Demon Child: Hey, another Omen knock-off, only this one predates the Omen remake.  Wow, I don't care.

Route 666: This low-budget horror tale involves Lori Petty and Lou Diamond Phillips running afoul of zombies.  You know, considering Wolf can keep him.  Don't kill Tank Girl though.

That's all you get.  See you next time I reach a fictitious number related to Satan.

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