Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poor Bastards of Cinema: ZAAT

After the last induction's comedic death and dismemberment, let's return to sci-fi/horror.  This one comes with almost no build-up and serves almost no purpose.  Perfect!

The film documents a scientist's journey of revenge against the scientists that scorned his work.  How does he get it?  By turning himself into a catfish-monster and killing them, of course!  Bear in mind this plot when I tell you of today's induction...

A man and his girlfriend are making out on the porch at night.  The girl talks about how there is a monster loose in the area, but the man laughs that off.  His little brain is calling the show tonight.  Mere seconds after saying that, the monster shows up and kills him.  Why?  Just because, that's why!

Next up, a man meets a sad fate after daring to question his commander one time.  By the way, they add an extra layer to this as well.  Stay tuned...

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