Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Rare Case: Skull Heads

After a long delay, the segment returns with a bit of Full Moon curiosity that baffles me.  The Special Features menu for the film looks like this...
Three Features and none of them have to do with the movie!  Really, guys?!?

1. An interview with the people behind Castle Freak in a segment for Full Moon Presents.  Um, why is this not on my DVD of Castle Freak?!?

2. An interview with Jack Kirby is nice (although I'm more of a Stan Lee guy), but what does it have to do with anything?!?  The man died in 1994 and this film is from 2009!

3. While not as irksome, this is just a filler insert and has nothing to do with the film.  It's just beneath putting the trailer to the film on the DVD.

Up next, a look at how a studio finally delivered on a Special Edition DVD as promised...a year later.  Stay tuned...


  1. Sounds like all of the Full Moon DVDs I know, I love how AXIS OF EVIL is going to have the original making of for the first Puppetmaster rather than having to create anything new

  2. I noted it because it's not like anyone I've seen though. They tend to have a few crappy trailers, the Videozone feature and maybe their 'check out our Roadshow' feature.

    I should really expect a feature made for a series that never got off of the ground and was designed for a movie that was made 15 years ago. How sad.