Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh Crap, I Forgot: Pulse II

In the time between watching the film and actually reviewing it, one major omission slipped by me.  Allow me to correct it now...

As the father escapes the city with his daughter, they run across a man trying to kill himself.  It is...John Gulager- the director Feast 1-3- standing on an overpass in his underwear.  We see the black markings on his leg that indicate his being tainted by the spirit...not that I want to see any of his pale skin.  He leaps down and smashes into the front of the SUV before turning into black ash.

This scene comes out of nowhere and adds nothing.  Did we really need the fat guy in his underwear?

On second thought, maybe I was just blocking it out.  Good luck getting that picture out of your head, by the way.

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