Thursday, October 20, 2016

TV on the Internet- Last Call (Ash vs. Evil Dead)

Another week and another attempt to put that damn evil to rest!  What happens this time?
Ash's Car has been stolen and he misses it so.

Oh and the Necronomicon is in there too.  I should have led with that.
A couple of Teens stole it and decide to party a bit with it.  Unfortunately, a make-out session is broken up by a light reading from the Book of the Dead and Evil returns!

Their whole bit is so crazy that I just can't even dare SPOIL it for you.
Ted Raimi is here!  Should I just start the Countdown to his violent and bloody demise now?
While chaos happens outside, Ash and Company start a Party to lure out the culprits.  One of them is having a bad time.
Two unwelcome guests show up, forcing Ash to spring into action...maybe.  To find out what happens, you'll just have to watch the Show.
More bloody, good fun for all.  I was going to say for 'the whole family,' but that's certainly not true.  With all of the murder, blood and underage drinking, this is not 7th Heaven!  Some people are certainly in Heaven, however, as we finally get Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi and Lucy Lawless together for the first time in 17 years!  The Story of this Episode is a nice mix of Comedy, Drama and Horror.  You get some really good Comedy in the interactions between Campbell and Raimi, some Drama in the interactions between Campbell and Lee Majors and some Horror in the form of crazy Deadite action.  The world's deadliest swirly is revealed!  There is just so much good in this Episode!  All in all, a fun, but also serious at times Episode to keep the pace going.  Now who needs a spare head?
After a big moment, where will the Story go?  More importantly, who will die in a bloody, violent manner?

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