Thursday, October 6, 2016

Quick Reviews: Scare Campaign

Australia is a curious place, mixing Desert and Mega-City.  In the same way, there Films are curious...
One night, a man is given a job working the late shift at a Morgue.  Something starts to happen...
Him being pranked, that is.

This is 'Scare Campaign,' a Horror Reality Show like Scare Tactics (with less Tracy Morgan).
In spite of objections over how some of the last Episodes have gone, our Final Girl still loves the guy.
Under pressure from the Network because of some Viral Internet Videos, they up the ante for the Season 5 Finale.  Did they do it too much?
To make matters worse, they get some uninvited Guests...
Will the pranksters survive the night or will they be given something to really be scared of?  To find out, watch the Film.
Scarier than I expected.  For a Film about people doing fake scares, they actually manage some good ones.  The Plot is, well, complicated.  I can't really go TOO far into it without SPOILERS, so I'll be vague.  It starts out simple and slowly gets more and more complex.  It is almost too convoluted at times, but still makes sense by the end.  The whole thing is alot more engrossing and interesting than I was expecting it to be.  You actually start to care for some of these Characters and root for them to make it out.  I will note that the Film is very bloody and very violent.  If you like your Horror without knifes through the face or decapitations, look elsewhere.  All in all, Scare Campaign does alot with a good Premise and managed to work more often than it didn't.  Plus it gave the metal mask from S. Darko a second life...
Bloody and very violent throughout.  Underneath all of that, however, is some subversive and engrossing Horror.

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