Tuesday, October 25, 2016

TV on the Internet: DUI (Ash vs EVIL DEAD)

I might as well get to this early this week.  Gotta get them hits!
Ash is reeling from a big loss.  I'm not going to be that dick, of course, so no SPOILERS.
The Evil Dead has turned Ash's car against him!  How much lower can they stoop?!?
Will Pedro's vision of the Future turn out to be true?  He sure hopes not!
Can Ted Raimi make it another Episode without being violently-killed?
Can the two actual ass-kickers of the group get right to the source?  To find out, watch the Show.
Bad-ass stuff!  Ash vs Evil Dead continues to give us what we want.  Freaky monsters, dismembered bodies and a demon car.  What is not to love?  On top of that, we get a fun scene with Bruce and Ted being 'buds' and a freaky bit with Pedro.  It is all win here.  There are some good moments of funny here too, although the focus is more on Action and Gore.  Ash has to take a lesson from his Dad to heart, which is both endearing and kind of hilarious.  The Story takes a neat turn near the end (which I won't SPOIL) which will definitely take this in an interesting direction.  'DUI' is a good Episode that will definitely be important in the long run.  As a bonus, Bruce gets to act a little...
Next time, a big thing has happened in the Story.  Is it for the positive or the negative?  Stay tuned...

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