Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Netflix and Thrill: Stranger Things (Part 2)

Alright- you can't SPOIL anything for me now, Internet!  Let's do this...
Having now seen the rest of the Show, let me try to discuss it without ruining it for anyone else.  Only seems fair, after all...
As the investigation continues, one of our Heroes stumbles far too close to what the real problem is.
Throughout the remaining Episodes, we finally get the full explanation on what Eleven is and how she came to be trained under Not Walken here.
The search for Will continues as danger lurks around every corner- even in their own Houses.  Can Eleven succeed?
Will a Mother's love (and a small army) be enough to save the day?  Who will survive?

To find out, well, Stream the Show.  The End.
Great stuff.  The Show has a pretty simple premise- people looking for missing kid- but peppers it with enough good Sub-Plot and Characters to make it work.  Unlike stuff like Super 8, the 80s Nostalgia stuff feels earned.  It is usually just there, but sometimes they highlight it.  My favorite: the Teacher trying to romance a Lady by showing her The Thing.  Who hasn't been there?  The strongest point of the Show is the Acting.  Nobody disappoints.  Some people have pretty basic Arcs- Lucas going from distrusting of Eleven to liking her, for example-, while others have much bigger one- apathetic Sheriff to potential Savior of the City, for example.  No matter how big the part or complex the Arc, they all do a good job.  I'll be the 10,000,000th person to remind you that the kid Actors are really, really good.  Plus one of them is named Finn Wolfhard, so that's always a bonus!  The whole run builds up to you seeing the Monster and it doesn't disappoint.  Does the CG look as consistently-good as it would in a Film?  No.  The Design of it more than makes up for any of that though.  Stranger Things builds you up, gives you a conclusion and leaves you wondering about more.  What more could you ask?
Damn good Show.  Like everyone else, I'm now just waiting for Season 2!

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