Friday, October 28, 2016

Quick Reviews: Good Against Evil (1977)

After all of these years, let's look back at something ABC didn't deem good enough to be a Show, but did decide to air as a Film...
In a very unique idea, this woman gives birth to a creature while under the control of a Satanic Cult.
It is run by Richard Lynch, who apparently has tenure.  After the birth of the kid, they jump ahead 22 years.

Nothing happened during all that time, I guess!
In the Present (of 39 years ago), the Cult is now targeting the grown-up Child.  I hope nobody ever runs across that shrine, dude!
The Cult targets this lady, even going so far as to make a horse go wild and kill a guy.  Traumatic!
Now here's the real issue that comes with this being a Pilot...

The woman disappears with the Cult...who also disappear.  Instead, they focus on this Exorcism that has to be done for someone else.
After mixing Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist, they save the day...except for stopping the Cult and saving that lady.  To see that, you'd have to see the Show...that doesn't exist.  The End.
Interesting at times, but uneven and incomplete.  To be fair to the Film, the fact that the Story doesn't really wrap up is not entirely their fault.  This was a TV Pilot- you couldn't wrap it all up!  They certainly didn't stop to think that I'd be watching it nearly 40 years later on my Computer.  Aside from that notable issue, the Tone and Pace are a bit uneven.  Some interesting stuff happens at the outset and then it lags- alot!  The Romance angle with our Lead has promise, but is kind of boring how they did it.  They don't have the best Chemistry.  The Story is just kind of confused as to what to focus on.  The fact that it includes the Satanic Cult, stalking and an Exorcism is a bit much.  It tries to be too much due to its TV Pilot nature.  As a result, it is kind of a mess, albeit a decent one.  As a bonus, it does feature the most adorable Satanic killers- Cats!
Decent, if unoriginal stuff.  The big problem is just that the Pilot goes nowhere due to it not being picked up.

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