Saturday, October 8, 2016

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Innocent Blood

Innocent is right!  Damn!

In Innocent Blood, Robert Loggia here is now a Vampire.  He's jumped away into Traffic and is taunting his enemies...
This Bus Driver tries to stop when he sees a man in the path of his vehicle.
This Cab Driver- coming from the other side, tries to do the same, but just ends up spinning out- hitting Loggia and the Bus.
Normally Loggia here would be a Poor Bastard, but he's the Villain and...
He's not dead!  He attacks the Bus Driver.
It is not exactly clear if what he does here kills the guy, but...
...the explosion that our HEROES create sure does.  Oh and the Cab Driver too.
Do you blame the Vampire or the Heroes?  That is up to you.  Best case scenario- they just blew up 2 dead bodies.

As for me, I'll imagine some nice, long backstory for these two random guys and wonder how many orphans this created.

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