Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Flix: Antibirth (2016)

As a Man, I'm very unlikely to ever experience Child Birth.  After this Movie, I'm glad!
This is our Heroine.  She's played by Natasha Lyonne, so you know that she is one thing...
After one especially bad bender, she starts to feel sick and strange all the time.  Why?
It appears that she's Pregnant!  She doesn't remember a thing and...I don't think Dr. Oz covered this...
Do all of the strange visions and things around her relate to her mysterious pregnancy?  Will a mysterious Woman (Meg Tilly) provide the answers she seeks?
Considering what she finds out as she remembers, will she even want to know?!?  To find out, watch the Film.
Strange, strange stuff.  The Plot mostly makes sense by the end.  Before you get there, you get lots of odd stuff.  I only showed you a small sample of the kind of stuff in this Movie.  The Plot involves people that are almost constantly on *some* kind of drug, so that's to be expected.  If you expect everything that goes on, however, I really want to avoid taking the drugs that you do!  This is all about showing you weird stuff, while also trying to make you care for Lyonne.  While she is very trashy here (as the Character, that is), she isn't really a bad person.  You learn enough about her to know why she retreats from reality, while also not so much that it is sappy.  Too little and you don't care.  Too much and it is a Lifetime Movie.  This is no Lifetime Movie!  If you're looking for straight Horror, it is not quite here.  If you are looking for surreal Horror that is still comprehendible, this is for you.  Just a quick reminder: Natasha was on Pee-Wee's Playhouse when she was younger.  Explains alot, right?
Strange and surreal stuff.  If you buy into the random oddness all around, it is a neat watch.

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