Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quick Reviews: Hulk- Where Monsters Dwell (2016)

Let's get both in the Halloween spirit AND in the mood for Doctor Strange with this new Animated Film...
Strange things are happening in New York on Halloween Night.

It is probably just Rudy Giuliani making out with Trump in drag again...
No, it is Doctor Strange, who is always extra-busy on this Night.  In this case, he has to keep some Monsters in check and he needs...
The Hulk!

Unfortunately, it turns out to be a messy and complicated job.
It all involves Nightmare, an evil Spirit who is making people into Monsters as part of his plan to conquer the waking world.

The real scary part- he was once voiced by 'Sheldon Cooper.'  *shiver*
Can Hulk and Dr. Strange stop Nightmare in his own Realm?
Or will Nightmare cross over and put Freddy Kreuger out of business?  To find out, watch the Film.
Good stuff.  The structure of the whole thing is a bit odd, but it works.  Dr. Strange needs help, so he calls in The Hulk.  From there it takes a turn as it just happens that Hulk is already being targeted by Nightmare.  What are the odds?  They make good use of different Monsters, most inspired by previous Marvel creations from the Silver Age.  Even the Film's Subtitle is a reference to Books from that time- neat.  They give focus to some Characters that don't get as much attention as they should (e.c. Man-Thing) which is also kind of neat.  Hell, Warwolf is one of the Leads!  It is interesting to see them use Jasper Sitwell in his Zombie Form, as that only matches Comic Continuity and not the MCU (where he was secretly in Hydra).  The Character Design is top-notch, even if it doesn't match the current Avengers Cartoon.  The Story actually gets a little deep as it examines the Hulk-Banner dynamic and takes a little bit of a darker turn than you might expect from something like this.  All in all, Where Monsters Dwell is a neat little Cartoon to watch for the more Horror-minded kids (or kids at heart) this Halloween.  It also does a nice job of teasing the Film out next week with you-know-who...
A bit deeper and darker than what you see on Saturday Mornings.  Good throwback stuff.

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