Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quick Reviews: She Was So Pretty

While the low-quality of She Kills put an end to my idea for the 'She Trilogy' of Reviews, I'll still give this low-budget Thriller a chance...
Before we learn anything about anything, this would-be Maniac stalks and kills a lady in a Car Garage in what looks like mid-day.
He also kills another lady before we get to the Plot, since I guess we're doubling down on the Opening Kill Trope.
His new target is this lady, who he is apparently going to stalk for the bulk of the Film.  Why not randomly-kill her like the last 2?
He seems really enamored with her and...can she see me?
She eventually goes out to the Quarry with her friends, where they meet Low-Budget John Saxon.  What is this Detective's game?
Will our Heroine survive this trip or be another trophy for Not-Joe-Spinell?  To find out, watch the Film.
Better than the last one, but still with some issues.  The biggest mark against She Was So Pretty is the Budget- plain and simple.  The Film was made for next to nothing and it shows.  Like I've said 4,000,007 times, a Film's Budget is not the biggest thing.  After all, Michael Bay has made $26 million and $210 million Films that I hated equally.  The Budget comes into issue with how the Film is shot, be it the sometimes-bad Lighting or the not-intentionally-shaky Camera.  I get it- you can't afford Studio Sets and proper Cameramen.  I'm not judging you or anything- just the final product.  The Actual Story is alright, but pretty threadbare.  The Acting is good at times, but never *that* good.  Nothing here is great enough to make the whole Film feel great.  The Atmosphere is really good at times and the sleazy work sometimes works.  All in all, She Was So Pretty is a flawed Film that will hopefully lead to a better one.  Take it away, 2nd Oddest Credit in recent Memory...
Good at times, but the Budget lets the Film down.  A good enough start, but definitely in need of some improvement.

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