Friday, October 28, 2016

'Black' History Year: Black Mirror- The Waldo Moment

After a long gap, it is finally time to cover the final Episode of Series 2.  It is Election Time, so...topical!
In The Waldo Moment, we see a Political Comedy Show (a la The Daily Show) that employs Waldo- a wacky Cartoon voiced and manipulated live.

Not as funny as Gitmo was though.
This man is the funny guy behind it all and he's not ready for the attention that he's about to get...
As a joke, Waldo is presented as a Candidate in a local Election.  As a 'Candidate' that represents disdain with the Political Establishment, he gets surprisingly-popular.

He's still more realistic than Trump at least.
His cynicism is infectious and driven by some personal issues in the Comic's life.  The Comic sees things getting out of control though...
Will Waldo get elected?  Will Politics be the same after this?

Well, this Show is still Streaming on Netflix, so go see it already!
Oh- there he is!  This one is a bit different than the other Black Mirror Episodes.   Other Episodes feature dark Horror imagery (White Bear), personal drama (Be Right Back, The Entire History of You) or a look at technology's downsides (15 Million Merits, White Christmas).  This one touches on some of that, but is mostly about Political Satire.  An odd, but interesting choice.  This one is closest to the original Episode- the one about the Prime Minister forced to have sex with a pig-, but still feels pretty different.  Waldo isn't real, but his Creator sure is.  When bad stuff happens to him, he channels it in all of the wrong ways.  They really touch upon whether or not an outsider who just hates everything is good or bad for the system.  Again- made before Trump ran (but after he acted like he would in 2012)!  Why do the Political Episodes get the closest to real life?  Seriously, there was a Story about how David Cameron may have committed Bestiality made *after* the original Black Mirror Episode with the pig- eerie!  This one is a mixed bag as the Satire bit is interesting, but it almost tries to be too much at once.  It attempts to do a bigger scope that didn't quite pan out for me.  As always, your opinion may vary.  This was certainly an odd send-off for the Show...which is why they made a Christmas Special (already covered) and a brand new Season (which nearly doubles the Show's total Episode count!).  I guess I have more to do now.  In the meantime, I finally found Waldo!
Next time, a fresh batch of Episodes that dropped recently on Netflix.  Does the Show still have what it takes?  See you then...

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