Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Quick Reviews: The Hatching (2016)

If every Country can do Zombie Comedies (even Cuba), why not move on to doing Monster Movie Comedies too?
In the opening Scene, three Kids break into a Zoo, but one of them doesn't make it out!
After that shocking opening, we get thrown ahead to years later and see one of the kids returning home for the reading of his Dad's Will.

So this is just Black Sheep then?
There's something in the Moors.  Is it the same Crocodile from before?  Will it make them all stop binge drinking?
A Crocodile is eventually killed and everyone seems happy, feeling that all is well.

Have they not seen Jaws?
Of course, the real danger is not past.  Is there more than just a Crocodile behind all of this?
These guys are on the case, so...good luck with that.

To find out what happens, watch the Film.
Funny at times, although not enough throughout.  This is basically what would happen if you took Lake Placid and Shaun of the Dead, mixed them together and made a Film.  They are both popular Films (to many), so this seems logical.  Does it work?  Yes and no.  There are some good moments with the Crocodiles, although they are limited.  What you see of them usually looks quite good, so you get maximum results in their few appearances.  The Comedy aspect kind of works, although the Film straddles a line.  Shaun goes full Comedy for 3/4 of the Runtime before succumbing to Zombie Film Tropes- for better or worse.  Lake Placid is mostly played straight, but goes for the ridiculous stuff every so often (like foul-mouthed Betty White).  In this case, they try to constantly keep the Comedy and Horror going.  It is a 'dance' that is hard to do, but everyone seems to try.  I'm not condemning the Film- it just didn't quite do what it was trying to do.  If you like UK Comedies, this one may do more for you than it did for me.  Overall, The Hatching has some good moments, but can't quite commit to what kind of Film it wants to be.  Now let's keep the weird Credits thing going...
Kind of funny at times, but not consistent.  A good effort, but with mixed results for me.

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