Saturday, October 1, 2016

Almost Heroes: Dr. Lamont (The Doorway)

This is actually going to apply for something else too, so I won't be TOO wordy here.

In The Doorway, 4 'Teens' need help when their replacement Dorm House is haunted.  Thankfully, their New England Ireland Campus is nearby.  Enter Lamont.
They take him back to the place and he helps them set up to discover any source of haunting.
They track it down to the Basement and find a body.  They figure that the Ghost must have found peace now that its lost body has been found.  Nope!
Despite all his expertise, he does not figure this Ghost out and he pays the price.

Why do I suddenly want some Rhubarb Pie?
In the end, Dr. Lamont was a nice, heroic guy who just tried to help some 'kids' out.

It just got him killed.  Although, to be fair, nobody gets a happy ending here, so...marginal victory?

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