Wednesday, October 5, 2016

TV on the Internet: Ash vs. Evil Dead- 'Home'

Ash is back!  After kind-of-sort-of saving the World, things seem to be at peace.  That can't last...
Hanging out in Florida (hurray for us!), Ash and company are trying to ignore the rest of the World.
However, the Deadites show up again, leading Ash and his pals back into action!
The blood flies as their adventure resumes again.  It isn't Raimi without Riki-Oh-style splatter, after all!
Can they get down to what is causing the Deadites to return?  Will they survive the night?
Good, story-building fun.  This one has it all.  Humor comes to you in the form of the overdone splatter, some pratfalls and just plain silly physical humor.  Drama comes as you see Ash's life post-Evil Dead through the filter of a mean-ass Town.  On top of that, family drama!  Action comes to you as Ash and friends chop up some Deadites and other freaky things.  Horror comes as you see said freaky things and the freaky things that they do.  Everything just kind of works this week.  The Plot moves forward, Characters are advanced, Sub-Plots are set-up, a new situation is established and fun ensues.  No complaints really.
Looking forward to next week!

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