Friday, January 7, 2011

Press Release: Project Terrible- ILHM vs. Mondo Bizarro

I Like Horror Movies is proud to be co-sponsoring a new segment along with Mondo Bizarro entitled 'Project Terrible,' where film reviewers will have the chance to dare one another to watch and review poorly-rated films from online media outlets like Youtube or Netflix.  This ongoing segment is open to any film reviewers that are willing to subject themselves to such cinematic travesties as Blood Gnome or Bloodsucking Babes From Burbank. Outside of torturing each other for fun, this will also give lesser known films the chance for some much needed (though probably undeserved) coverage.

Over at Mondo Bizarro, we're reviewing four dubious films..
*Revenge of the Living Dead Girls
*Beware! Children at Play
*Zombie Campout

Over at ILHM, we've seen one of his films reviewed so far...
*The Capture of Bigfoot

Anyone that is interested in participating can contact Alec at Mondo Bizarro for your first assignment:

Take part...if you dare!


  1. This is going to be either the best or worst thing we have ever done. Ever.

  2. Dude, you're going to review The Dungeonmaster? Damn, I havent seen that since I thought it would be cool in middle school.

  3. Yeah, I managed to subject two of my friends to that movie too. It's...well, I'll say my peace soon enough.

    Based on what I've seen of the choices so far, it's definitely going to be one or the other. :-)